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Trichome Consulting Services Inc.

Fast Track Application

Commercial Services

TCSI has lived and breathed commercial cannabis operations in Canada for over a decade – our singles most important objective is to obtain your Health Canada approval.

TCSI team of compliance experts walk you through the rigorous Health Canada application process to ensure your success.

TCSI customizes for our clients:

  • Standard Operational Procedures to cultivate plants, manufacture cannabis oil.
  • Quality Assurance programs that follow the principals of Good Production Practices (GPP) and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) to be compliant with Health Canada stringent safety regulations for consumer products.
  • Security Design with the technical proposal that follows the guidelines of the “Security Measures” of subdivision “c” to be included with Health Canada application.
  • Indoor/Outdoor or Greenhouse Facility Design; TCSI team of designers will advise to identify the benefits of each growth method and devise a facility design based on the size and scope of the operation.
  • Sales License to legally sell cannabis through distribution channels, retail or direct to customer.
  • Corporate Requirements, Record Keeping, Notification Letters, Security Clearance Documents plus Activities and Substances to be submitted with your Health Canada application.
  • Video Attestation Packages – TCSI offers complete Video Attestation services for our clients. The video component of your evidence package submission is one of the most important pieces in securing your  approved commercial license.

Without experts to guide the process, the failure rate is high, and the review time is lengthy due to regulatory scrutiny through the application process; specifically details pertaining security, inventory control, and quality assurance. When it comes to your Health Canada application, you can rely on our team of cannabis compliance experts to ensure your success being compliant and limit delays to fast track your application.

Fast Track Application

Summary of QA Extraction, Processing Consulting Services


  • Quality assurance pre-licensing report.
  • GPP consulting: on various activities and quality-related issues of cultivation and processing.


  • Tissue culture:

Tissue culture protocols used for maintenance of genetics, and for various scales of propagation.

  • Regular and feminized seed:

Protocols for production of feminized cannabis seed for industry and personal household cultivation.


  • Cannabis extract production:

Consulting on the different extraction methods and suitability based on end product target.

  • Cannabis oil production:

Production of cannabis oil from extract.


  • Product portfolio design for medical and adult use:

Portfolio design based on target indications and market strategy. This will include different formulations for derivatives, oils, and edibles, and flowers strains, that cater to various indications.

  • Product development roadmap for edibles, concentrates, and topicals:

Consulting on the various steps and processes required for the development of various types of cannabis products from concept to market.


  • Pre-clinical study design and management:

Consulting on preclinical work and generation of supporting data for proving efficacy of products that are designed for treating particular indications.


Fast Track Application

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