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Assembling a business plan is an essential first step in securing financing or investment. But to be successful, the business plan must be based on solid data points. Trichome Consulting Services has the researched and analytical background laying the foundation of our business plans. Our experienced consultants will provide a solid plan for your build and operation phases needed to run a successful operation and illustrate the organization’s ability to sustain the process of starting and operating as a commercial license producer.

TCSI will work with your team to create a financial model to make available to investors that may be willing to expand or finance the organization threw the different phases of becoming a licensed producer. No other cannabis consulting firm in Canada has such a broad range of expertise to assemble your specific business concept.

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Import or Export

TCSI team of compliance experts will navigate your Import or Export application through the regulatory process. Licensed producers are permitted to engage in the import or export of seeds, plants, or dried marijuana if they have obtained an import or export permit from Health Canada. The import/export permit framework is similar too other controlled substances and is intended to maintain control over the movement of controlled substances, consistent with Canada’s obligations under international conventions on the control of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. To achieve a license requires a broad set of expertise. TSCI and it’s team of compliance experts will guide you through the process to achieve your Import or Export license.

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Talent Acquisition

TCSI is here to relieve your growing pains.

Our team specializes in sourcing key personal for your organization from CEO, Master Grower, Quality Assurance Person, and CO2 Extract Specialist. We pride ourselves in working with our clients every step of the way, to ensure effective and long-term hires.

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